Coffee Bean -  Panama Santa Clara Finca Hartmann 巴拿馬哈特曼莊園

Coffee Bean - Panama Santa Clara Finca Hartmann 巴拿馬哈特曼莊園

  • approx. 150 grams
  • Cup Notes:  dried 🍒, blackberries, dark plum, cedar
  • Suggested for espresso and filter

       *Drip bag order please specify in remarks (10pcs/drip box)

Technical Details:

      Origin:                   Santa Clara

  • Elevation:         1300-1500  msi
  • Varietal:            Maragogype
  • Processing:       Natural
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The Hartmann family is considered one of the pioneers of the specialty coffee production in Panama. Their story starts with Alois Strasil Hartmann, born in 1891 in the region of Moravia, then Austrian-Hungarian empire (you might understand our personal affinity to this finca), laid the ground work for Finca Hartmann, which was founded by his son, Ratibor Hartmann, in 1940. Alois came to Panama in 1912 in search of adventure, which made him follow the telegraph lines all the way to Volcan instead of staying in Panama City. He was the first resident of Volcan, where he settled, married Susana Troetsch, daughter of a German immigrant and took care of 2000 cattle and 1000 donkeys for a certain Mr. Landberg. He started a coffee farm and later moved to Santa Clara where he had another coffee farm, but his real interest lay with archeology. He died on May 25th, 1970 at age 78 and is still nowadays remembered/recognized for his knowledge of the zone and panamanian archeology.