Coffee Bean - Yemen Port of Mokha  JSP

Coffee Bean - Yemen Port of Mokha JSP

  • approx. 100 grams
  • Cup Notes:  floral, red grape, brown sugar, cashew
  • Suggested for filter

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Technical Details:

  • Origin:              Al Hayma growing region, Sana’a Governorate, Yemen
  • Elevation:         2100 msi
  • Varietal:            Ancient typica
  • Processing:       natural
  • Moisture:          10.5%
  • Density:            886

 Coffee Review 97-score, Top #8 Coffee in 2019

Blind Assessment: Deeply sweet, complex, vibrantly rich. Dark chocolate, deep fruit notes (guava, raspberry jam, pineapple), aromatic orchid, frankincense, cedar-toned tobacco in aroma and cup. The acidity, while not bright, is enveloped in an elaborate and balanced structure with deep composure; mouthfeel is full and very syrupy. The short finish is chocolaty and sweet, with floral hints and a fine tobacco note resonating through to the long.

//Origin of coffee has been controversial debate between Ethiopia and Yemen.  The history of Yemeni coffee dates back to mythical activities in 9th century and anthropology evidence of Ottoman Empire in 12th century.

Al Jabal in Sana'a, one of the oldest places in the world to cultivate coffee, located over 2100m above sea level and  its volcano soil create very unique and complex fruit notes.  Semi- tropical dessert climate with three-month rainy condition offer a slow maturation of beans and promote intense and sweet flavors.  This handpicked natural bean delicately tells a tale of ancient typica tree in Yemen dessert.//

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