Coffee Bean - Ethiopia Kochere Saona G1

Coffee Bean - Ethiopia Kochere Saona G1

  • approx. 150 grams
  • suggested for filter or espresso
  • Cup Notes:  floral, lemon, mandarin, jasmine

       *Drip bag order please specify in remarks (10pcs/drip box)

Technical Details:

  • Origin:              Kochere, Yirgacheffe, Southern Ethiopia
  • Elevation:         1900-2000 msi
  • Varietal:            Heirloom
  • Processing:       Washed
  • Moisture:          8.5%
  • Density:            916

 Coffee Review 94-score

Blind Assessment: Fruit-toned, richly sweet. Strawberry, sandalwood, narcissus-like flowers, nougat, lemon verbena in aroma and cup. Sweet-tart structure with vibrant, juicy acidity; plush, creamy mouthfeel. Resonant finish that consolidates around strawberry and nougat with hints of sandalwood.

Notes: A blend of two Ethiopia coffees, a washed-process Kochere Saona and a natural-process Yirgacheffe. This coffee tied for the highest rating in a tasting of holiday blends for Coffee Review‘s December 2019 tasting report. 

The Bottom Line : A bright, balanced blend of natural- and washed-process Ethiopia coffees, each contributing to the cup’s impressive depth and range of sensory pleasures.

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