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Port of Mokha

For 150 years, starting in the 16th century, Yemen was the exclusive coffee supplier to the entire world. All coffee shipped out of the region via the Port of Mokha, on the Red Sea. Yemen’s unique microclimate and high elevation where coffee grew produced drought-resistant plants that yielded complex coffees with sweet, chocolate flavors. 


Panama Elida Estate (N/H)

Inbox for gesha from various farms and estates.


Gesha Village Gesha 1931 (N)

Single Terror Oma Block Lot 18/1

Mandarin, orange, mild acidity, honey and red tea aftertastes


"Spartan" Houseblend

Beans of different profiles were mixed with ratios. definable mandarin acidity, almond and chocolate and long delicate caramel finis


NinetyPlus Baru (H)

Gesha from volcanic soil in panama honey processed (1250-1650m). Floral, balanced honey-sweet, mango, passion fruits, peach.


Gesha Village Illubabor (N)

Grower Reserve Lot 66, Subtle aromas and saturated finish. Jasmine, passion fruit, berries, mango.


Gesha Village Lot 45 Gori Gesha Shaya Block (N)

Yellow fruit, honeydew melon, apricot, smooth mouthfeel with pointed acidity and mild floral aftertaste


NinetyPlus Lotus

Influenced by the song “Lotus Flower” from famous Radiohead, it speaks of transcendence, self-effacement and the magic of losing yourself in music and senses. Tasting notes: melon, kwifruit, fig, and tropical fruits


NinetyPlus Juliette (H)

Delicate & feminine gesha, floral dried cashew fruit, orange peel, tangerine zest, caramel finish.


Bolivia Alasitas Gesha (N)

Peaberry gesha from caranavi,   Floral, mixed fruits, cocoa finish.


NinetyPlus Perci (N)

New 'perspective' of gesha.  Complicated and explosives aromas and tastes


Hawaii Kona Ka’u (N)

Subtle notes of orange, cocoa nib, cognac, syrupy body with a long aftertaste. A very sweet and intense Hawaiian coffee


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